W.S.T. can be configured to preform a Burn-In or Aging process for comprehensive, unattended system stressing. W.S.T. allows you to program the stress parameters, duration, degree of stress load, and on-error handling assuring the quality and reliability of your PCs components and subassemblies during the manufacturering process. Minimize unneccessary RMA returns, Reduce support and warranty costs, improve user satisfaction and confidence.
Ultra-X s testing methods go beyond the standard LOGICAL and PARAMETRIC testing algorithms and perform BEHAVIORAL testing that allows our software to perform testing of hardware from within the environment of the system that it was intended to be placed and identify BEHAVIORAL failures that are sensitive to system specific idiosyncrasy and may only show up after during extended testing sessions.  
  W.S.T. can take full advantage of systems that contain multi-core CPUs as well as multiple processor systems by enabeling tests to be run in parallel with each other enabeling W.S.T. to fully stress a systems enviroment while reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
W.S.T. will allow you to set stress levels to monitor system performance and stability. For example, you can set a very high CPU stress level to see if Windows will crash or CPU overclocking will have adverse reactions to normal operation.  
  W.S.T. can Stress all major components of your system including the Processor, Co-Processor, Memory, IDE & SATA Hard drives, Optical Storage Drives, Floppy & Zip Drives, Atapi Devices, 2D/3D Graphics including directX and OpenGL APIs, Soundcards, Printers, LPT & COM ports, Ethernet Network Adapters including Wi-Fi Wireless LANs.
Provides a complete report on the system. Select information for Operating System, CPU, Memory, All Installed Devices, Engines, Printers, Time Zone, Video Display, Hard Drive(s), Floppy Drive(s), Networked Drive(s), APM, Sound Media, and Network Environment. A newly added feature generates Serial Numbers for All Installed Software. This detailed information can be used by tech support staff for problem resolutions.  


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